Return to Yellowstone National Park.

Well I know it’s taken a while to get some photos up and Internet connection is very hard to get we’re we were, but now have moved from YNP down to Montana were we now have a connection. Yet again Yellowstone has not let me down with all its beauty and wild life. The following photos are just a few from the many hundreds that I have taken.


image Yellowstone 4







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Avalon Airshow 2013

Well after getting an early start and arriving just before the gates were opened, I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day. The weather was looking good and I had gotten my favorite spot along the fence line.

Now all I had to do was wait and photograph the unbelievable F22 Raptor which was due at around 1pm. Well everything was going well and the time had come as it made its way onto the runway. Ahhh at last I thought. Then as this beast roared past me, doing some incredible speed, I started to fire off a few shots. But then I noticed an error message showing up on the back of the camera……………. No not now.

I tried everything I could, but was unable to get it to fire.  The shutter mechanism had jammed. I could not believe that this was happening. I quickly grabbed a back up camera from the bag and took as many shots as I could in the time that was left. Definitely not what I needed to happen today.




Avalon 2

Avalon 3



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New Zealand (South Island)


Moeraki BouldersMoeraki Boulders1

Moeraki Boulders2

Franz Josef GlacierFranzJosef1


Church of the Good ShepherdGood Shepard1

Good Shepard2




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V8 JetBoats – Melton

After being invited to the V8 jet boats championships (Round 2) being held in Melton by one of the drivers last Saturday, I was looking forward to a very exciting day.

As I was unsure of what to expect , it didn’t take very long to realize that these are not just normal boats by any means, these are V8 superboats and are just so powerful.

As one of the drivers explained to me that it was like putting a F1 car engine on a rubber dingy and letting it loose.

These boats can reach speeds from 0 -160 kms in less than 3 seconds (in certain classes) and I would hate to think what G forces are being put on these drivers body’s as they are flying around the course and into corners.

The racing on the day was extremely fast and furious, and not to mention the noise that these powerful engines can make.

Below are just a few of the many hundreds of shots taken on the day. I look forward to returning for their next meeting which will be held in early October.

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